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Youth Pastor ∙ Mental Health Advocate ∙ Community Organizer ∙  Hope Dealer ∙

I am a proud first-generation American and native Brooklyn, New Yorker - with Caribbean roots. 

However, this story really starts with my re-birth

In 2017 I struggled the most with my life path and overall well-being. Freshly recovering from a car accident, completely over the notion + mental toll of 'corporate america', low on faith in anything, and practicing poor judgement - I came to the point where I had to go beyond myself.

Some people call it 'getting saved', but the reality is, God found me and changed my path.


That change pivoted me into the emerging cannabis industry. I began learning more about the medicinal value of the plant, it's molecular makeup + effects on our bodies, the need for fair and just legislation to repair and reinvest in individuals and communities harmed by America's unsuccessful drug war, and the need for a diverse and inclusive industry. Yet, my relationship and knowledge of utilizing herbs for their medicinal value started in my childhood - my father has a basic working knowledge of everyday plants - and herbal medicine was already integrated into my daily life, used to address my wellness needs as an alternative to standard pharmaceutical medicines.


Holding the belief that better communities are born out of better people, I began leveraging my passion for community, my training as an accountant, my knowledge of herbal medicines, and my commitment to social justice and advocacy to work towards creating an inclusive, sustainable and responsible adult-use cannabis industry. 


The result? My brand, Sistah Rogers.

Sistah Rogers is a Faith-Based social enterprise maximizing the impact of cannabis on social, and spiritual consciousness. I decided to share Spiritual & Alternative Medicinal guidance while intentionally engaging with young-adults, millennials, and inter-faith audiences about civic and social rights.


Naturally, I am very inquisitive about the unusual, un-explainable phenomena in life; pondering about our emotional and intellectual mechanisms, spending a lot of time reading, learning, and contemplating our existence + ways to be better. While, encountering industry professionals as a newly appointed youth pastor - sharing my thoughts inspired long, layered, and introspective conversations about cannabis, faith, and mental health. All concluding with the resounding declaration that our greatest assets are our minds, and within them - we fight unrelenting invisible wars.


This open-ended realization led to the formation of an interfaith movement - MindfulToking.


Mindful Toking takes a cognizant look at multicultural + personal + interfaith relationships with cannabis and the plant’s effect on mental wholeness. Forming a conversation about the ways our society self- medicates while presenting a more mindful usage of the plant that encourages a shift in mindset, insight, and personal + spiritual growth.


I hope that my story inspires you to learn more - not just about Sistah Rogers, or the cannabis industry - but about yourself - embarking on your own journey to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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