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I am incredibly excited + nervous + anxious + ecstatic as I’m put this new blog, my vlog series, and brand together.

I’m not quite sure where to start... I feel like I’ve been writing this blog since I started to take journaling seriously— with all of my thoughts + mini revelations kept to myself, randomly shared when diving into layered conversations with people in person. But, I feel like now is the time to finally take the leap and start sharing what I have.

Because who knows? Maybe you (yes, I’m talking to you) need it too. Maybe you don’t. Or, maybe you know somebody else who does. Either way, I’m learning to put myself out there and share more freely and abundantly. Sharing means to spread valuable & empowering information.

So, who and what is Sistah Rogers?

Sistah Rogers is the result of me deciding to be intentional by cultivating a lifestyle and brand through living it.

What we are, is a Faith-Based Government Relations and Strategic Consulting social enterprise maximizing the impact of cannabis on social, and spiritual consciousness.

But, like - what does that even mean, right? Being realistic and honest about the role of cannabis in my own life led to the formation of an interfaith movement - MindfulToking. Mindful Toking takes a cognizant look at multicultural + personal + interfaith relationships with cannabis and the plant’s effect on mental wholeness. Forming a conversation about the ways our society self- medicates and presenting a more mindful usage of the plant that encourages a shift in mindset, insight, and personal + spiritual growth.

As of today, 1 in 3 people in America support the usage and legalization of cannabis. While there are countless conversations about 'generational wealth', the lack of diversity in the industry, the need for social justice, prison reform, expungement of records, and reparations for communities of color - there are even less conversations around how to utilize the plant more intentionally to reveal, to heal our bodies and minds and for some to put it away.

The more intentional we become, the more we open our eyes to the endless possibilities in which we can shape our lives. It takes practice and repetition to train our brains to think in new ways, but isn't the un-comfort worth it? When you take 100% responsibility and control over your life, you feel stuck less and you learn that you can make anything happen when you take action. In this way, we are putting our own personal touch, leaving our own legacy and footprints in society, and contribute to shaping its future.

I am forever a student of life, and as I continue to learn: to read, take classes, meet new people, and find inspiration, I find myself in awe again and again about the seen and un-seen wonders of our existence. I’d love to share that with the world, and discover what you all read, learn, and are inspired by as well.

So, I’d like to take a moment to toast all of you, the ones who are driven by such fire, curiosity, and zest for life—the ones who get me.

Cheers to your passion, your high ideals, and your tenacity in never settling for less. The world belongs to those of us who will work to become our best selves and craft our lives, just the way we’ve always imagined.

We’re in this together, as we've always been.


Sistah Rogers



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